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Outdoor Lighting > LED Barn Light > BL201D-35W W/Reflector

BL201D-35W W/Reflector

The BL200D Series use AC DOB LED light technology, distills the benefits of the latest in LED technology into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire. The outstanding photometric performance results in sites with excellent uniformity, greater pole spacing and lower power density. It is ideal for replacing up to 250W mercury vapor luminaire while saving 70% in energy costs. Can be wall or post mounted with integral bracket or onto 1-5/8” mast arm.

BL200D Series DOB LED Barn Light

· Model No.:BL201D-35W
· Power:35W
· Voltage:120V/240V/277
· Lumen Output:4200 lms
· Power Factor: >0.9
· CCT:3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K
· LEDs:SMD3030
· Life:﹥100,000h
· THD: <15%
· TWIST-LOCK Photocontrol Receptacle
 &Electronic type Coin-type Photoelectric Switch


· Die-casting Alu.housing W/good heat dissipation
· New DOB Technology (Driver On Board)
· Deadly quiet, No noise
· Suitable for Wet Location Application
· No capacitor, Longer Lifespan

· High Efficiency Lumen Output,>120 lms/W
· Brown,Black and White Finishing Color
· 10 years manufacturer warranty
· cETLus,DLC,RoHS,FCC and IDA Compliant

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